FAQs for Student Bike Package

How do I order a bike Package?

The first step is to submit an order form. That can be done here on our online form, or in person at one of the Springboard Days in June or July. We'll begin processing orders and invoice as soon as the order is received. Payment can be made via credit card over the phone or a mailed check. Pickup will happen within Orientation Week and on move in days. At pickup, we'll fit you to your bike and helmet, ensure that you are comfortable and confident in cycling around campus, and answer any questions you may have. 

What if i end up with the Wrong Size Bike?

When you pickup your bike with us, we will professionally fit you to the bike you've chosen. If there are any problems or we need to exchange the size of bike that was chosen, SBC will take care of this at no cost to you. 

What do I do with my bike over the summer?

SBC is offering free bike storage as part of the Student Bike Package. We will store your bike for the duration of the summer until school is back in session. More details will come out during the next year. 

what if i'd love to ride a bike but i'm nervous or unsure? 

Our goal at Shenandoah Bicycle Company is to enable you to be confident and capable in cycling. We are more than happy to educate you about local bike laws and safety in commuting. Harrisonburg is home to a large and vibrant cycling culture with infrastructure and community that supports all ages and abilities. We'll make sure you feel safe on your bike and on the roads. When you submit your order or come to pick up the bike ask us more about how we can help you. 


Top 10 Reasons to own a bike:

1. Bike parking is outside almost every building on campus.

    2. A bike package cost the same as a parking pass for a three semesters!

    3. Most student housing off-campus is within a one mile radius.

    4. Biking lets you stop and talk with friends easily, enjoy the fresh air, and get exercise.

    5. Biking around campus is almost twice as fast as driving and walking

    6. You'll get to build healthy habits and fitness to last a lifetime.

    7. We guarantee your bike is the right size and adjusted properly just for you.

    8. All our bikes are assembled in our shop and checked over multiple times. 

    9. Cycling has a great community of friendly, passionate people all looking to get out and ride. 

    10. Unlike a textbook, you can reuse a bike every semester!

    I'd like to learn to work on my own bike, where can i do that?

    We strive to educate you at every opportunity on using and maintaining your bicycle. Everytime you bring in your bike for a tune up, we'll tell you whats going on and educate you more on how to keep your biking running well. We welcome you to stop by anytime and ask for help. In addition, we offer two opportunities to learn more about bicycle care at Bike Care 101 at UREC, and at our winter maintenance clinics at our shop downtown. 

    What Service is offered with the purchase of the bike?

    At Cycle Central, our shop in UREC, and at our downtown location, we can help you out with anything you may need. The Student Bike Package will include one free mid year service package covering adjustments and tune up. In addition, SBC strive to provide each customer with education about their bike and how to do preventative maintenance. We're always happy to answer questions and teach you how to work on your bike.