Here at Shenandoah Bicycle Company, “The Hub of Harrisonburg Cycling”, we pride ourselves on exceptional service work with an incomparable experience. We specialize in a wide range of service from basic adjustments to highly specific work such as suspension overhauls to custom wheel builds. What makes our service unique and different from any other bike Pro shop? It’s our interaction with you, the customer, and the knowledge and understanding you will gain from having your bike serviced at SBC.  Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any tech questions you may have. Why don’t we have a set tune up rate?  No two bikes are the same, and we service all makes and models of bicycles from high end carbon bikes to department store bikes.  We look at each bike individually and give a specific comprehensive analysis of what that bike will require for it to ride and feel brand new again.  SBC strives to service your bike to near perfection! Expect nothing less than high quality professional service with a friendly and inviting experience.

What checking a bike in for a repair at Shenandoah Bicycle Company entails:

  • No appointment necessary! Come in anytime with your bike to have it serviced.

  • A one on one with a knowledgeable and experienced mechanic who will go through every aspect of the bicycle with you identifying and explaining every issue and suggested service.

  • Next Day Turnaround available. If you check your bike in for a repair before 1pm you will have it back by 5 pm the next day. Except Fridays and Saturdays, however we will strive to meet the needs of any customer anytime of the week.

  • Two Sets of certified and experienced hands wrench your bike. To ensure a standard of excellence SBC has your bike serviced by one mechanic and then has a second mechanic check over all the work done.  When your bike leaves our doors we want it to be noticeably different and ride better than ever so it never returns because of something we have done or missed.

  • TEST RIDE REPAIRS. The key to success, all bikes serviced at SBC will be test ridden to ensure the quality of repair and performance to meet our expectations and yours.

Services offered

Roll your bike in anytime and we will put it in the stand to assess all of the basics:

  • All Bearing adjustments - hubs , headset, bottom bracket

  • Tension, True, and Round of Wheels

  • Tire condition

  • Rim Wear

  • Brake & Caliper Adjustments

  • Brake Pads and Rotors

  • All Cables and Housing

  • Drivetrain inspection and cleaning

  • Chain stretch, cassette and chainring wear.

  • Derailleurs  -Hanger alignment, position, limits, tension

  • Wear and tear of grips, saddle,  pedals, and accessories.

  • General Cleaning

  • Installation of components, accessories, and/or parts kits.

Specialty Service

Have a road or mountain bike that has specific needs? Check out just a few of the many more technical services SBC has to offer.

  • Forks – oil changes, dust wipers, cartridge service.

  • Rear Shocks – DU bushing replacements, air seal kit installation.

  • Rear Suspension pivots – Overhaul of all pivots, cleaning, lubricating and torque to spec. Installation of pivot kits.

  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed – a comprehensive brake system service – new fluids, cleaning of caliper and pistons, realignment and caliper adjustment.

  • Wheel Builds  - road, mountain, touring, and BMX.

  • Tubeless tire conversions

  • Custom bike fits

Shenandoah Bicycle Company will gladly answer any service related questions you may have. Give us a call at 540.437.9000 or email us at or just bring your bike in any time and we will get you rolling!