Bicycle Camp Out #2: Stokesville Campground

On Saturday May 21st, we will meet at the bike shop at 11:30am to mingle before our 12:00pm roll out. Our destination is Stokesville Campground. The route is 24 miles with some pavement, some gravel, and some excellent panoramic views of the national forest. It has become a favorite route in my own road ride repertoire and I think you will love it too. We will take plenty of time so everybody can have fun.

This is a self supported event. Bring what you need to be happy outside on and off your bike for 24 hours. Think about bicycle first aid (stuff to fix a flat, multitool, etc.), ride food, dinner, breakfast, ride clothes, camp clothes, shelter, and sleep stuff. There is potable water at the campground and a store near by. 

Come early if you need our help with your bike or packing. If at all possible, address these issues over the next few days so you can roll into your weekend relaxed and prepared. 

Call the bike shop or send me an email at with any questions or concerns. Most of all, get excited! It's going to be a real good time.

GWNF North of Town

Riding the GWNF "North of Town" is a force to be reckoned with.  If you like technical rocky riding, this zone is for you.  With Big Schloss and Massanutten Mountain Trail looming to our North, we are never at a loss for challenging terrain.  Venture North if you dare.

Signal Knob is most easily accessed at the Elizabeth Furnace trailhead parking area.

Short Mountain is Tim Richardson's favorite trail to the North.


Six Pack Downhill

Before suspension stems and 29″ rims, a culture of insanity was sprouting deep in the shadows of the George Washington National Forest with the 1992 Dollar Downhill races. Racers would throw down one whole dollar for an entry fee and go scream down trails west of Harrisonburg each Friday in the Fall.  Racers grew dissatisfied with race fees going to the after party tab at Luigi’s.  A culture shift happened in 1995, springing forth a tradition of the 6-Pack Downhill.

In 2012, we celebrate the 18th year of 6-Pack Downhill rides.  Each Friday at 3pm, riders congregate at the Food Lion parking lot with 6-pack entry fees and fat tire bikes ready to shred.


Mountain Biking in the GWNF

The George Washington National Forest belongs to YOU!  Get out there and shred it!

The mountain biking in this area is spectacular for a few reasons:

  1. The dedicated trail riding community in and around Harrisonburg, VA.  AKA: The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition.

  2. TONS OF PUBLIC LAND that is properly managed by the United States Forest Service

  3. The trail building culture that has evolved in and around the mountain bike community since the early 1990's.

Check out how our community is transforming the National Forest through the Recreational Trails Program Grant.

Support the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coaliton Recreational Trails Program! from Shenandoah Bicycle on Vimeo.


Harrisonburg City Trails

Harrisonburg Parks and Rec works closely with the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition to create great trails in the city.  Rocktown Trails in Hillandale Park are well marked and range in difficulty level from green to red.  Trails are always being improved by the Club and the City. Check out this video of the 2012 Virginia High School Mountain Bike race held at Hillandale.

Check out this video about building the flow trail at Hillandale Park.

The city has planned another mountain bike trail system in Ramblewood Park which is currently the site for the Friendly City Grand Prix Cyclocross Series.  Check out this video of the Grand Prix.

Massanutten Resort Trails

Massanutten Resort has approximately 40 miles of purpose built trails just 15 minutes from our store.  Riders must be SVBCoalition members with a valid parking permit to ride at "The Nutt".  Come by the shop and complete your paperwork to get a pass or visit the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition page with more info.  Enjoy this video of Collin Vento shredding on the 2000 Hours Trail at Massanutten.

Massanutten hosts two major annual mountain biking events; the Yee-Ha on the downhill course every Spring and the Hoo-Ha XC & XXC races on the Western Slope in the Summer.  Check out this video of the 2012 Yee-Ha to get a feel for the Downhill Course.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking around Harrisonburg is amazing for all kinds of mountain bikers.  In town we have a growing network of  trail systems and off road riding at Harrisonburg Parks & Rec Hillandale ParkMassanutten Resort has approximately 40 miles of purpose built trails just 15 minutes from our store.  Riders must be SVBCoalition members with a valid parking permit to ride at "The Nutt".  For those looking for epic adventures, there are endless miles of singletrack to the West of town in the George Washington National Forest.  Unfortunately, Mountain Biking to the East in the Shenandoah National Park is illegal.  Hopefully one day, we'll be able to shred legally in the National Parks.

The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition is highly involved in all elements of the building and maintaining these awesome trails surrounding the Harrisonburg area.

Road Riding

Road riding in the Harrisonburg area is spectacular. Stay tuned for more information about some classic road rides that we often highly recommend. In the meantime, check out a couple videos of local road rides in the area. Or for more information about road riding, check out the SVBCoalition Road Rides. Or check out all the SVBC events!

The Fondo is the Bike Capital of Virginia's premiere road riding event led by our very own world champion, Jeremiah Bishop.

The Harris-Roubaix is the annual SVBC Membership event usually occuring Easter Weekend.  Riders group ride to a farm in Northern Rockingham County and have a social race dubbed "A culture classic".  Visit the SVBC website to learn more about all the exciting and fun cycling community activities.


Our Staff

   Thomas Jenkins, along with Tim Richardson, opened the doors of SBC in May of 2000 and ever since has been working full time at SBC. The decade between graduating from Radford University (BBA-Accounting) and opening SBC was either spent in Harrisonburg bike shops and enjoying the great riding around Valley or on the road mountain bike racing around the US.  Thomas’ passion for bicycles has him very active with the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and the local bicycle scene, his favorite time with SVBC is spent building and maintaining the great trails around Harrisonburg. Thomas lives only a few blocks from the shop with his wife Julie and two sons Ethan and Carter, they are frequently seen around town traveling by bicycle as a family. When the shop is slower in the winter Thomas enjoys getting out on the cross country skis especially in the beautiful lands around Canaan Valley, WV.

  Tim Richardson's Cycling passion began early with moms nurturing laugh. Tim's mechanical training started by coming home from the landfill with  project bikes. The bikes were dismantled then resurrected as cycle monsters and sometimes lawn sculpture. Growing up in a rural landscape forced Tim to develop creative means of keeping the bikes rolling along with a mother that supported his odd desire to have all his bikes live in his room.

In 1987 when Collin was still wetting the bed Tim convinced a local cycle shop owner in Dale City that hiring him was the thing to do and bike shops have been home ever since. Although he avoids using tri flow as a lube Tim still revels in the smell as benchmark bike shop smell along with the aroma of fresh rubber.

Tim moved to Harrisonburg in 1992 to attend JMU where he was trained to be a fence-rider via the Philosophy and Anthropology department, Tim currently teaches cycling classes through the JMU Kinesiology department. Tim is developing a website dedicated to drift racing inside bike shops and is pushing hard to have the spec class bike of choice be a 24" Trek 200.  Cycling favorites include  touring in various countries while singing Black Sabbath tunes in highest voice possible as well as  mountain cycling on awkwardly technical terrain. Tim can often be found in his service bay talking to whatever bike is in his stand and loves packing Acai bowls.

Kyle Lawrence found himself in Harrisonburg for school at James Madison University and stayed for bike riding. Despite never intending to remain in the Valley or the 'Burg for the long-term, he could not resist the ancient pull of the Appalachian Vortex. With so many trails and roads to explore the Valley proved a gold mine of opportunities. Unable to tear himself away from an area rife with outdoor adventure opportunities, the local community only pulled him in deeper. You can find Kyle typically on a 29er Trek hard-tail mountain bike but he isn't terribly picky about his bikes or trails so long as he spends all day in the woods. Kyle has been at SBC since 2005 and has enjoyed every minute. From a college student to a part-time mountain xc racer to an involved bicycle advocate, Kyle has spent the last six years immersed in bicycles. He currently serves on the board of the local bike club, the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and works hard to devote time to advocacy while always finding time to ride. In his spare time you can find him running on trails in the Shenandoah National Park and as always trying to cover ground and see the sights in the beautiful remote mountainous trails that surround the valley.


Jason Williams is a self proclaimed lover of all things with wheels.  After 10 years of slinging packages as a bike messenger he traded in his bag for an employee owner position at Independent Fabrication.  In 2006 after a couple of years working there and living in boston he decided to leave the hectic city life and has since enjoyed a more relaxed lifestyle here in the shenandoah valley working at SBC

 Collin Vento's love of the two wheeled machine began with a bmx bike, some dirt mounds, and bloody shins. A Dale City native transplanted to the Shenandoah Valley originally for schooling at James Madison University (B.S. Geographic Science 06')  saw the light of the Harrisonburg mountain biking scene, got a hold of a mountain bike and hasn't been able to stop riding since. Collin joined the SBC team in early 2007 and is commonly found at his work bench, wrench in dirty hands, working on bikes, rebuilding suspension, building wheels and all the other joys that come with playing with bikes. When not at the shop Collin will be trying to hold on to the dream of never growing up by riding the local skate park, pump track, or recklessly descending Chestnut Ridge.

   Kurt Rosenberger joined the SBC Team in the spring of 2009.  With no strong preferences of bicycle genre Kurt is happiest pedaling and exploring new places regardless of what bike he’s on.  Though recently the wilds of the Shenandoah massif is most likely where he will be found, riding its remote ridges in search of old oaks and fast single-track on his Trek Paragon.  Ten years of Bike shop experience with a history of BMX, Dirt jumping and road riding he has a well rounded knowledge of bicycle culture.  When not working or riding he’s known to spend his time working on art or attempting to force all types of food into a burrito.

David Lee hopped on at SBC in the fall of 2010.  Coming from a bike shop in Cincinnati’s cycling community dominated by carbon and skinny tires, the Shenandoah Valley was a breath of fresh air.  Harrisonburg’s mountain-centric bike scene offers him many opportunities to grow as a rider.  After learning the joys of gravel and single-track, David traded in his S2 for a steel Trek Presidio with plenty of tire clearance and upgraded his go-to mountain ride to a Turner Flux.  Whether building new bikes, repairing old ones, or working at the computer, David’s bicycle knowledge continues to expand, always falling short of his passion to learn more.  When away from the shop and his bikes, David is brushing up on musical instruments forgotten in adolescence or pondering what to be when he grows up...yeah right.

Paul Forrester: After receiving a Bacelor’s Degree in Music in 2008 from James Madison University he, naturally, decided to shift his focus to sustainable agriculture, carpentry and riding various bicycles.  Paul has been a member of the SBC squad since May 2011 when he began assembling new bicycles and constructing delicious Acai Bowls.  Since then he has been promoted several times and received many titles, including Assistant to the Custodial Supervisor.  His mountain bike training began a few years back on a 1990’s Trek Singletrack 930 and continues today on a Turner Flux, on which he fulfills some primal need that was tapped into during adolescence on the skateboard.  When not working or riding bikes, he enjoys playing and recording music with the local psychedelic-pop band Coach, drawing pictures of goofy cartoonish characters, or lying on the floor with his eyes closed, breathing.

S. Scott Wootten III of joined the SBC team in April 2012.  Scott grew up here in the Shenandoah Valley and a paddling addiction drove him on a whirlwind global whitewater adventure that eventually brought him home.  While studying at Virginia Tech, he started video kayaking in West Virginia on the New & Gauley Rivers for the rafting industry.  After a 3 year run with a "real job" as a professional Boy Scout, Scott transitioned back to living the dream as the coach for the Massanutten Snowboard team.  When he is not on his Hi-Fi, he's probably playing with his new camera, editing videos or chasing the dream.  Today he continues to make videos, telling stories of the cycling community here in the Friendly City.

Ritchie Vaughan spent summer 2012 seeking out the mid-Atlantic's most rad bicycle town; Harrisonburg won; and she started working at SBC that September. In her previous lives, Ritchie was a distance runner, sport climber, president of a bicycle collective, and then a wildland firefighter. She  discovered mountain biking while writing her Master of Forestry dissertation in 2010. When she's not at the shop, she's either wrenching on something (like her house or her motorcycle) or she's riding singlespeed singletrack with her boyfriend and dogs.



Here at Shenandoah Bicycle Company, “The Hub of Harrisonburg Cycling”, we pride ourselves on exceptional service work with an incomparable experience. We specialize in a wide range of service from basic adjustments to highly specific work such as suspension overhauls to custom wheel builds. What makes our service unique and different from any other bike Pro shop? It’s our interaction with you, the customer, and the knowledge and understanding you will gain from having your bike serviced at SBC.  Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any tech questions you may have. Why don’t we have a set tune up rate?  No two bikes are the same, and we service all makes and models of bicycles from high end carbon bikes to department store bikes.  We look at each bike individually and give a specific comprehensive analysis of what that bike will require for it to ride and feel brand new again.  SBC strives to service your bike to near perfection! Expect nothing less than high quality professional service with a friendly and inviting experience.

What checking a bike in for a repair at Shenandoah Bicycle Company entails:

  • No appointment necessary! Come in anytime with your bike to have it serviced.

  • A one on one with a knowledgeable and experienced mechanic who will go through every aspect of the bicycle with you identifying and explaining every issue and suggested service.

  • Next Day Turnaround available. If you check your bike in for a repair before 1pm you will have it back by 5 pm the next day. Except Fridays and Saturdays, however we will strive to meet the needs of any customer anytime of the week.

  • Two Sets of certified and experienced hands wrench your bike. To ensure a standard of excellence SBC has your bike serviced by one mechanic and then has a second mechanic check over all the work done.  When your bike leaves our doors we want it to be noticeably different and ride better than ever so it never returns because of something we have done or missed.

  • TEST RIDE REPAIRS. The key to success, all bikes serviced at SBC will be test ridden to ensure the quality of repair and performance to meet our expectations and yours.

Services offered

Roll your bike in anytime and we will put it in the stand to assess all of the basics:

  • All Bearing adjustments - hubs , headset, bottom bracket

  • Tension, True, and Round of Wheels

  • Tire condition

  • Rim Wear

  • Brake & Caliper Adjustments

  • Brake Pads and Rotors

  • All Cables and Housing

  • Drivetrain inspection and cleaning

  • Chain stretch, cassette and chainring wear.

  • Derailleurs  -Hanger alignment, position, limits, tension

  • Wear and tear of grips, saddle,  pedals, and accessories.

  • General Cleaning

  • Installation of components, accessories, and/or parts kits.

Specialty Service

Have a road or mountain bike that has specific needs? Check out just a few of the many more technical services SBC has to offer.

  • Forks – oil changes, dust wipers, cartridge service.

  • Rear Shocks – DU bushing replacements, air seal kit installation.

  • Rear Suspension pivots – Overhaul of all pivots, cleaning, lubricating and torque to spec. Installation of pivot kits.

  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed – a comprehensive brake system service – new fluids, cleaning of caliper and pistons, realignment and caliper adjustment.

  • Wheel Builds  - road, mountain, touring, and BMX.

  • Tubeless tire conversions

  • Custom bike fits

Shenandoah Bicycle Company will gladly answer any service related questions you may have. Give us a call at 540.437.9000 or email us at or just bring your bike in any time and we will get you rolling!

Pulp: Organic Acai Bowls

Grab a bowl and spoon or a straw, if slurping is your style, while you snack on a delicious and healthy treat in our unique and storied old warehouse turned bike shop.



Reading material on PULP:


We also serve a variety of organic teas at Pulp! Our organic teas come from the Red Blossom Tea Company and have great flavors. You can choose to get a single cup or a pot and hang out in the pulp lounge area for some relaxation time!

Ride Info

The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition is a big reason we have such amazing trails and safe road routes in and around Harrisonburg.  Visit the Coalition's website to see just a few of the awesome rides for road and trail.  Keep in mind, this just barely scratches the surface.  Visit our video gallery or our vimeo page to see a bunch of local riding videos.

The George Washington National Forest (GWNF) is one of the greatest places to ride your bike. It stretches the entire western part of Virginia and is the front door to mountain biking in West Virginia. With over 1.8 million acres you can easily get lost, so if you want to get the scoop stop by the Shenandoah Bicycle Company or better yet take a tour with Shenandoah Mountain Touring. Over the past 10 years they have experienced almost all the trails of Western Virginia, so let them make your next riding experience a memorable one.

We have the latest maps, books and periodicals for local riding. Stop by our shop (directions) or give us a call (540-437-9000) to get any books, maps, or information. And don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail if you have any questions (contact us).


We have a wide assortment of the National Geographic/Trails Illustrated maps available for sale.  Stop in and pick one up, or give us a call and we can send one to you. All are $11.95

Areas we try to keep in stock:

  • Staunton/Shenandoah Mountain (791) - This is our local map.

  • Massanutten & Great North Mtn (792)

  • Shenandoah (National Park) (228)

  • Lexington Blue Ridge Mts (789)

  • Covington Alleghany Highlands (788)

  • Blacksburg New River Valley (787)

  • Mount Rogers (786)

  • New River Blueway (773)


View Larger Map

Directions from Interstate 81: (from points North, South & East of Harrisonburg)
Take Exit 247B for Route 33 West (downtown Harrisonburg).
Continue on Route 33 West for 1 1/2 miles to the intersection of Route -33 and Mason Street (Cheveron Station on left).
Take a left at the light onto Mason street.
Take your second right onto Newman Avenue, go two blocks and cross over Main Street into the city parking lot. You will see our sign. See you soon!!

Directions from Route 33 West (from West Virginia)
Route 33 East to Harrisonburg.
Right onto Route 42 South.
Second left onto Bruce Street
Left at seond light onto Main Street.
We are half a block on the left, turn into parking lot. See you soon!!


Shenandoah Bicycle Company rents bikes of all styles, whether you'd like to hit the trails in the National Forest on a high-end full-suspension bike or just go for a cruise around town and to the coffee shop on a hybrid.

We highly recommend calling ahead for reservations at all times of year so we can make sure to have the bike of your choice ready to go.

Rental Rates:

General: We offer a 10% discount for 2-day rentals and a 15% discount for 3-day or more rentals.

Full Day Rentals: This is for a 24-hour period.

Half-Day Rentals: This is for a 4-hour period and must be returned the same day to qualify for as the half-day rental rate.

Rental ItemsFees
Car Racks: Hollywood 3-bike rear trunk rack$8 half-day, $10/full day
Mountain Bikes: < $800 retail$25/half-day, $40/full day
Mountain Bikes: $1000-$2500 retail$60/full day only
Mountain Bikes: >$2500 retail$75/full day only
Used bikes: depends on availability$20 half-day, $30/full day
Helmets:N/C with rental
Locks:N/C with rental
Lights: Light & Motion lights$15 full day only
Road Bikes: < $1000 retail$25/half-day, $40/full day
Road Bikes: $1000-$2500 retail$55 full day only
Road Bikes: >$2500 retail$70 full day only
Burley Child Trailers: Encore$10 half-day, $15 full day