Bicycle Camp Out #2: Stokesville Campground

On Saturday May 21st, we will meet at the bike shop at 11:30am to mingle before our 12:00pm roll out. Our destination is Stokesville Campground. The route is 24 miles with some pavement, some gravel, and some excellent panoramic views of the national forest. It has become a favorite route in my own road ride repertoire and I think you will love it too. We will take plenty of time so everybody can have fun.

This is a self supported event. Bring what you need to be happy outside on and off your bike for 24 hours. Think about bicycle first aid (stuff to fix a flat, multitool, etc.), ride food, dinner, breakfast, ride clothes, camp clothes, shelter, and sleep stuff. There is potable water at the campground and a store near by. 

Come early if you need our help with your bike or packing. If at all possible, address these issues over the next few days so you can roll into your weekend relaxed and prepared. 

Call the bike shop or send me an email at with any questions or concerns. Most of all, get excited! It's going to be a real good time.