Every Trek road bike is designed to deliver best-in-class performance, from their fastest hand-built carbon race machines to their refined aluminum models. These are the lightweight, road-smoothing, aerodynamic road bikes that will carry you over the steepest climbs and keep you smiling on the descents. 



Every detail of the Émonda line, from frame design to each component choice on every model, serves the same audacious goal: to create the lightest line of production road bikes ever offered. Émonda is available with your choice of lightweight rim brakes or disc brakes for all-weather stopping power and control. Émonda separates itself from the pack with exceptional ride characteristics making it light on the climbs and balanced in corners and on descents.



Domane is the road bike built to carry you over rougher roads with remarkable efficiency. Stay stronger longer with Domane's stable endurance geometry which is balanced and race-stable to deliver responsive, predictable handling even on the roughest roads. The Domane incorporates road-smoothing IsoSpeed technology, which increases compliance for efficiency over rough surfaces and a smoother, less fatiguing ride. Offered in rim and disc brake options and carbon or aluminum frames, the Domane is built to go the distance.



Madone is in a class of its own. It’s fast, light, smooth, and designed to give you every advantage in speed and handling. Of the world’s most sophisticated road bikes, only Madone delivers the triple threat of advanced aerodynamics, superior ride quality, and unprecedented integration. In both real-world conditions and in the wind tunnel, Madone’s exclusive Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shape ranks among world’s most aerodynamic ever.