Fit Services

Getting the Right Fit for You and Your Bike


Fitting properly on your bike is one of the most critical elements to enjoying every ride.  Every bike purchase at Shenandoah Bicycle Company includes a basic bicycle fitting free of charge.  First we will select the right size bike for you, then test ride for fit and finally make any needed adjustments within the workable range of that bike. These adjustment can include seat height and fore /aft adjustment, handlebar height and fine tuning of all controls on the bar. No matter what bike you take home, we'll make sure you are comfortable and ready to tackle the rides ahead. 


Professional Bike Fitting

There are no two bodies alike and therefore getting a great fit on a bike is and art and a Process. SBC has a dedicated and level 3 Trek certified fit specialist in house that can help you do minor tweaks for comfort and performance to full blown strength and flexibility testing to get the best fit possible, Guaranteed. The human body is ever changing and that is a foundational directive that defines bike fit as a Process. If you are cultivating your body towards better performance we can help define where you are now, set realistic goals and develop a fit plan to get the most from your body now with an respectful eye on the future.  As you reach certain goals there will likely be a tweak to the fitment to get more performance and comfort. The only given in life is change, a professional bike fit adheres to that principle and helps guide you through the process. Fit is a direction, not a destination. In our tenure as fitters we have helped over a thousand people with fit issues from joy riders to world level athletes with great success and are happy to help you.  Whether your looking for more comfort from your daily commute or striving for maximum performance on longer rides our certified fit staff can help.  Our fit rate is $45 per hour.