Service is the heart of our shop and the focus for almost twenty years now. We have friendly and factory certified mechanics that will happily help you navigate the best choices for your bikes service needs. Our passion of spinning wrenches professionally began in the 80s, bikes were simple then. Nearing 40 years later, mechanical complexity brings us the modern cycle that has endless opportunities for fun. In that time our owner operators have continually sought education and developed experience to stay current with all the emerging tech. What a ride it has been!  Our goal is to share that experience with you and your bike. 

Our Service Promise is to provide exceptional service in a timely manner for a fair price, Guaranteed. 24 hour turn around on repairs (not requiring special order parts) is the foundation of our promise.    


Our service department is happy to cover any cycling need from the most simple to very complex.  Anything from flat tires to custom built wheels, we can help. We also are certified for fluid based work such as suspension tuning and overhauls to hydraulic brake servicing. With these emerging technologies we are seeing more of a need for preventative maintenance scheduling to increase happy ride time, decrease time in the shop. Based off your riding habits we can help create a schedule for the necessary preventative service that best suits you. 

We know that everyone has different needs and therefore we have two approaches to our service, Service Packages or A la Carte. Estimates are always free and we will help you decide which direction is best for you.

Service Packages


We offer packages that will cover the bases for most recreational and utility bike needs. Service package A is the most basic and covers adjustments and lubrication of all the bike systems. The B service goes a few layers deeper to ensure better than new performance of those systems. 

The A La Carte 

This approach is geared towards the bike that might only need parts of the above packages or might need well beyond them. We can efficiently estimate you bike and develop a comprehensive service plan to best suit your needs. The A La Carte menu is limitless.



Service Special A ($50):

  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Lateral wheel true, front and rear
  • Torque all fasteners
  • Inflate tires
  • Wipe down bike frame
  • Adjust:
    • Hubs and headset
    • Brakes, front and rear
    • Derailleurs, front and rear
    • Bottom Bracket
  • Parts excluded

Service Special B ($90):

  • All of Service A plus:
  • Degrease and lube drivetrain
  • Derailleur hanger alignment 
  • Clean and polish entire bike
  • Labor cost of:
    • Any new external cable installation
    • Brake pad installation
  • Parts excluded