Frequently Asked Questions about Repairs


Do I need to call before I bring my bike in?

You’re more than welcome to but it’s not necessary. We take walk ins at anytime

I want to ride tomorrow, but I need something fixed on my bike today. Can you do it?

Of course! As long as we have the parts necessary to do the repair, we can get your bike in and out of the shop in 24 hours or less.


What if I am coming from far away?

If you are on a tight schedule or distance prevents you from being able to drop you’re bike off, we’re happy to accommodate. Call or email us and we can set an appointement time to get your bike taken care off in a timely fashion to make the process smooth and simple for you.

Life is busy, and I don’t have time to bring my bike by the shop. What do I do?

Since w opened in 2000 we have offered Pick up and Delivery in our local market. Cost for this depends on distance from shop, call us for an appointment. 


I have a certain bike that is unusual or unique, can you do repairs on it?

Our mechanics are well trained and skilled at tackling all sorts of issues with different types of bikes. We have the resources to help you out with anything unique or antique or unusual. Call us or email us with more questions.

How much will it cost to fix my bike?

All our service is done a la carte, and we offer free estimates on repairs. Bring your bike in any time for us to look at and give you an estimate, absolutely free. In addition, we package some repairs in two options, our Service A and B packages, to give you comprehensive and affordable options.