Shenandoah Bicycle Company and the UREC of JMU are excited to announce a partnership to offer bicycle repair and maintenance and cycling educational opportunities to the JMU student population!


Cycle Central is SBC's shop located in the UREC Adventure Center. Cycle Central can be accessed through UREC's main entrance and then continuing left into the Adventure Center. To bring a bike into Cycle Central, please enter through the Adventure Center Pick-Up and Drop-Off entrance near the UREC Loading Dock (at the end of Driver Drive, on the ISAT side of UREC). Bikes are not permitted through the front main entrance of UREC. Coming soon we will offer after hours drop off through the Adventure Center staff.


Pickup and Delivery

Can't make it up to UREC during a busy week? Give us a call and we'll be happy to arrange pickup and delivery of your bicycle from any spot on campus. We'll take your bike and do a free check over and call with an estimate for any repairs needed. This service will generally be available i nthe morning and early afternoon. 


Hours and Contact

Cycle Central is open from 2pm to 7pm Monday through Thursday and 11am to 5pm Friday. For any questions, call Cycle Central at (540) 568-8729 or email us at


Repair Services

Just like our downtown location, we offer full-service bike repair, from basic flat tire repair to complete tune-ups and overhauls. 24-hour turnaround is available with some repairs able to be done while you wait. The service rate depends on what work is necessary, and is prorated per each service done. The total is generally $50/hr and general estimates for time of repair can be offered at drop off. Shenandoah Bicycle Company accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Below are costs of some basic services:

  • Tire air pressure check/inflation: Free
  • Flat repair: $6 plus parts
  • Brake adjustment: $10
  • Gear adjustment: $10-$20


Fit Services and Education

Not comfortable on your bike? Stop by Cycle Central and we will help get you fitted and comfortable on your bike, from minor seat and handlebar adjustments to a complete fitting on your ride. Ask us about riding on and off campus, and how to best interact with vehicles and other riders on the roadway. We also can provide information on the local cycling community and local group rides. 


Cycle Central will offer a comprehensive selection of products for your bicycle needs. From locks, lights, to helmets we will have you covered.