We try to keep our product offerings well-rounded so that we can meet the needs of any cyclist. Whether you’re racing road bikes, riding to and from work, or spending long days on the trail, we have a bike for you. Check out some of the brands we carry here at the shop. As always, reach out via phone or email if you have more questions.


Founded in Waterloo, WI in 1976, Trek has one of the most versatile line-ups on the market. From simple commuter bikes to high-end racing machines, Trek’s got you covered. Check out their website for product info.


Hailing from Ferndale, WA, Kona places an emphasis on fun. Bikes that shred off-road are the name of the game here: think all-road, gravel, cyclocross, and mountain bikes. More details can be found here.


Santa Cruz-based Ibis Cycles specializes in high-end mountain bikes. Whether it be cross-country racing, technical trail riding, or ripping enduro courses, Ibis has a top-of-the-line offering in every realm of the sport. Check out their site for details.


“Adventure by bike” is Salsa’s slogan, and their product line-up reflects this. Whether you’re randonneuring, touring, bikepacking, or riding singletrack, Salsa makes a bicycle to carry you along the way. More information can be found on the Minnesota-based company’s website.


No-nonsense utility is the essense of Surly. Steel frames, tons of eyelets for mounting gear, and durable component choices are featured on all of Surly’s machines. For bikes and gear that are reliable and designed for heavy usage, visit their website.